The word SCRAP was the chosen as the core of company name of since its foundation. We know how to work with scrap, we understand the requirements of consumers and understand all the steps scrap formation. We guarantee consistent quality of supplied raw materials for consumers, as well as comprehensive assistance in material preparation, high purchase prices and fast payment terms for suppliers. The total volume of materials supplied by SOT-Metals exceeds 3000 tons per month.

We ship by rail, road or sea, both within the territory of the Russian Federation and for export.

Please, find below the main types of scrap supplied by us:

Steel and Iron skulls scrap Premium quality

Premium skulls scrap has a low slag content (3-7%), it is suitable for using in metallurgical furnaces without additional settings for the melting mode in the most cases. Most often it occurs in the form of large pieces of more than 500 mm (lenses, bottoms, splashes, emergency drains, etc.)

Steel and Iron skulls scrap Standard quality

Standard grade steel and cast iron skulls scrap is the most common and available type of scrap. The slag content for this type of material may vary from 10% to 20%, depending on customer requirements. Fractional composition, maximum weight of the piece can also be matched to the requirements. Despite the availability of large quantities of this material, it is one of the most difficult in quality control, due to the variety of used methods of extraction and cleaning, as well as different valuation of quality from one processor to another.

We purchase scrap from more than 30 processors all over the Russian Federation and always ready to offer you the material that suits your requirements the best. We guarantee consistent quality and quantity of the supplied raw materials for your needs.

Alloyed skulls scrap with the content of Nickel, Chrome, Molybdenum, Tungsten etc.

Alloyed scrap is a typical furnace waste from producing of stainless, heat-resistant, high-speed and other alloyed types of steel. The complex chemical composition of such scrap requires a special approach when sorting - each piece must be cleaned and checked with a spectral analyzer, then each piece must be weighed. The content of alloying element, such as Nickel, for some pieces can be up to 70-80%. Modern technologies in metallurgy make it possible to extract pure elements from scrap, such as Ni, Cr, Mo, W, V, etc.

Our company has extensive experience in the supply of alloyed scrap both in the Russian Federation and in the countries of EU.

SOT-Metals provide full chemical composition report, separate weight of each piece of the scrap as well as total weight of the cargo and its location in a truck body or a ship hold. 

Special metal additives (small sized skulls with metallic content 65-90%)

This type of scrap is convenient for using in furnaces with a small loading window or continuous feed systems. From the first sight quality evaluation of the material seems to be the problem, but in fact its quality is consistent, because this material is produced only by the flow method of mechanical and magnetic separation. Our specialists check every suppliers opertion scheme in details before signing a contract for the purchase of such material to proof the final quality of scrap for our customers. 

The material is available in large quantities, the fractional composition can be adjusted to a customer requirements in the range from 10 to 100 mm.